What is the deadliest snake in the US?

Waco snake

Deadliest American Snake
There are a lot of snakes in the United States, with nearly every state having a venomous snake. With so many dangerous snakes out there, you have to wonder – which is the most dangerous? There are a few ways to figure this. You can look at it as a purely venom-based thing, but that is not wholly the truth. There are other stats to consider, like death rate and bite likelihood. There are a few things to consider when looking at the dangers of snakes. Some snakes have highly potent and dangerous venom, while others have weaker venom but are far more likely to bite. There are several pieces to a dangerous snake.

Most Venomous
A snake’s venom is its most powerful weapon, for those that are venomous. It can cause a significant amount of damage, possibly leading to amputations or even death in many instances. The different types of rattlesnakes are some of the worst when it comes to venom. Eastern Diamondback, Western Diamondback, and Timber Rattlesnakes all come with a high amount of venom. A bite from any of these snakes can cause serious damage and will require immediate care. The good part is that, for the most part, rattlesnakes do not bite often. That does not mean you should not take them lightly, but they are not a massive risk. They are more likely to leave than attack, if given the opportunity.

Biting Often
A venomous snake that bites often is, arguable, more dangerous than a highly venomous snake that rarely bites. The venomous one may cause more damage, but the biter is the one hurting the most amount of people. The Cottonmouth snake is a good example of a snake that bites often. These are highly aggressive snakes that will go after someone if there is any hint of a threat. Like most snakes, they are unlikely to seek you out for a bite, but they are quick to bite if you go near one. If you touch one, the chances are almost definite. Venom for these snakes is not lethal, but they bite enough people to spread a great deal of damage. Deadly snakes exist all over America. Each of these snakes do have venom, but the exact dangers of each is different. From the effects of the venom to the likelihood of a bite, they all have their own levels of danger.

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